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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  October 21, 2013 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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don't keep it in your back pocket. >> i don't usually do it -- well, it's over there. it came out shattered. >> front pocket. >> what are you going to do? thanks so much for watching. stick around. chuck todd is next. get ready for a lot of health care metaphors. code plus. with the shutdown behind us, for now the president would love to move on to immigration, perhaps a better budget deal, and let's face it, anything but another fight over health care, but the rocky roll-out i did a presidential pick-me-up. grumblings has turned into all-out rumbling as grass-roots heroes battle over blame and what the game plan is now. plus back in action. 5 1/2 years after her last campaign, hillary clinton did something we hadn't seen in a while. she hit the campaign trail on
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behalf of terry mcall love. yes, there were a few comments for all of us to overanalyze. that's what we do, right? it's monday, october 21st this is "the daily rundown." after the shutdown standoff, the president has banked a bit of capital. over the next three months, he may want to use it on immigration reform, may wish he could use it on the budget, but may be stuck using it on health care. he may formally address the problems for the first time, calling the dplichs, quote, unacceptable. in a speech in the white house rose garden. it's an acknowledgement that democrats have been making for a while and did so again on sunday. >> i think that there's no one more frustrated than the president at the difficulty in the website. >> yes, what has happened is unacceptable in terms of the dplichs. they were overwhelmed to begin with. >> i think it's on its way to become a substantial succeed.
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it's off to a rough start with the website. >> expect the president to try to walk the line in his speech this morning, acknowledging the problems with the insurance marketplace on the web, but also reassuring americans that the problems will be fixed. the president will be flanked by people that the white house says have already benefited from the law, including people who have enrolled in the first three weeks. also let people know the other ways they can register. there are now more call centers. they can also mail in an application. in the last 48 hours, the administration has been scrambling to do some damage control. hhs officials posted this blog on sunday acknowledging the sunday -- unfortunately the experience on has been frustrating for many, and they call it a tech surge. our team is bringing in some of the best and brightest from inside and outside government to scrub in with the team, which of course begs the question, where were these best and brightest for the last three years?
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also to let you no know that hhs still doesn't know if they know what the problems are. the white house released some statistics, showing 19 million unique visitors, revealing 476,000 have filed applications on either federal other state exchanges, but the administration has not released today thea on how many of those people who filled out applications have fully enrolled. they will not release a number until sometime in november. federal estimates projected that 7 million americans would enroll in these exchanges in 2014. the open enrollment period ends march 31st. the white house needs more man a million people to sign up, and it's not clear that the technical problems have been resolved. one specialist told "new york times" as many as 5 million lines of code pay need to be rewritten. the spanish language version was supposed to be this week but the
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white house has not provided a date for when it will be up and running. people can till enroll on the phone and in person. perhaps this is what they should have done for the original a visit to the website is kind of like a trip to the department of motor vehicles in your state i want in the 21st century, setting up a website where people can go on and buy something is not that complicated independents send air force one, load it up with smart people, bring them back to washington and fix this problem. it's ridiculous. the question is, how long it takes to fix these problems? two weeks? not a major long-term problem? two months that's a political five-alarm fire. the white house may have to find a fall guy or fall person. last thursday, a lot of people may have missed this "new york times" published a striking story headline, sebelius stands
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firm despite calls to resign. there were no other quotes in her defense from members of the administration, members of the hth care team. instead, it was sebelius's family members defending her. her brother told the paper, i don't think you resign in the middle of a fight. her sister was quoted as saying the white house is smart enough to know if she steps aside or they ask her to resign, this el will never get anybody else confirmed. that's less for the eyes of "new york times" and more for eyes in the west wing. ultimately this is how washington works. sometimes you need to fire somebody to buy more time. is sebelius or somebody else? on thursday the house energy and commerce committee plans to conduct a hearing on the exchange's rough roll-out. sebelius had been called to testify, but the department says she's unavailable on that day.
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the best thing to happen to sebelius may be the hardening of republican opposition against her. the louder the calls for her resignation, the more the white house will probably feel they have to jump in and defend her. they don't like to be bullies on these things. republicans are also a bit skittish, bemoaning the fact helped the law look more sympathetic for the rest of america. >> the fight on obama care or the affordable care act took us off message. >> the fiasco of this roll-out has been obscured because of this strife that's been going on in the republican party. >> the tactic of defunding the government unless he repealed his signature issue was as poorly designed as obama care itself, the shutdown should be in our rear view mirrors. don't do this again, ted. >> referring to ted cruz. jeb bush became the latest republican to deliver a bit of
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straight talk aimed at that ted talk. senator ted cruz. >> have a bit of self-restraint. it might actually be politically a better approach to cede the passive destruction. we have stepped on that message, and i think republicans need to take a step back and allow -- show a little self-restrained and let this happen a little more organically. i want one guy who doesn't think the fight on the right is so bad for the party, is the former vice president. the last republican vice president whose daughter liz happening to be manning mounting a high-profile challenge to a sitting senator. >> we have a terrible track record with respect to federal spending. nobody seems to be able to -- and the good thing is it's -- i don't see it as a negative. i think it's much better to have that ferment and turmoil and
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change. my own daughter is running for the u.s. senate in wyoming partly motivated by the concern that washington is not working, the system is breaking down and it's time for new leadership. in the wake of the budget standoff and the roll-out, both republicans and the administration are trying to heal some self-inflicted wounds. joining me now mark frost and former virginia republican congressman tom davis. martin frost, you're very happy about the cardinals. leaving that aside, let me start with what the president is trying to do today with health care, sort of acknowledge the obvious? the website got off to a rocky start, but still reassure the public that, hey, it's a website that doesn't work. it doesn't mean the program isn't going to work. but you still have to fix it. having said all that. you have an interesting thing here. you had a lot of republican govern aros who opted to throw all their people into this federal website, whereas some of
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the governors, who opted to have their own website, those have operated okay. >> look, a lot of this, it was political pressure. >> that's rightivities they felt as if we -- if we run an exchange -- >> but the exchanges run by the states have done pretty well. >> isn't that a concept -- >> you would think. 35 states threw their people into this large federal exchange. that doesn't excuse the fact that the exchange ought to work. they better get it fixed quickly. >> how much time do you have on something like that, tom davis? >> i think they need to keep expectations in line. this would not get fixed overnight. >> the expectations is already out of line. >> way out of the line. the president should have taken the suggestion and deferred the whole thing a year. >> no, that's the thing. i think they allowed political pressure to essentially, they were desperate to show they could start something on time when it wasn't ready.
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>> it was a win-win when you look at it. but look, the law was not written well, as you know, they had to take a senate haveers that never went to conference. >> planning things -- they planned on fixing in conference. >> right. they never got them fixed. the regulators had to try to figure it out, so we have this mishmash, and i think it will take a while. >> having said that, you have millions of people that don't have insurance. i have a daughter in maine who wants to get insured until this new exchange. she can't get on it. there are a lot of young people who want to get insurance. >> she can mail it in i want that's the thing. at some point politically, is the president god to need to -- just by time? >> i don't think that kathleen sebelius can be the fall person. first of all a highly respected democratic governor in a tough state. >> then who is? >> i don't know who it is, quite frankly. >> should there be one? >> i don't know the answer to
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that. probably someone will lose their job. i don't think the secretary should lose her job. i do agree the republicans would make it impossible to confirm anybody else as secretary. >> you do believe that? >> i do. she's a very competent person. she has a tough job and hopefully she's get it done. >> how do you not send her up to capitol hill? they're entitled to this. >> i -- >> she can go on the ko many did i channel? and not in front of the -- >> it turned out jon stewart ate her alive. they fear in jon stewart ate her alive, what will house republicans -- >> i put my money on jon stewart. >> tom chaired the kind of committee hearings, and normally el don't subpoena government witnesses. normally they arrange to have them come up voluntary. you may have a situation ultimately where you think she would be subpoenaed. >> absolutely. >> so far that hasn't been done. >> we know that darrell issa is always doing things on the up and up. there's never politics involved
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when he's involved. >> but she ought to go up there. >> i agree. >> there is this fear. fred upton is not -- >> they've to figure out when she can go. >> she needs on -- there aren't any easy answers. i think it's just going to take a while to get things fixed. >> tom, i want to go to this issue. how much can republicans try to make hay on health care? every time they go down this rabbit hole. i say it's a bit of a rabbit hole, because it feels good in the moment. every time they try to make a big fight, whether it's go to the supreme court, they make the election of 2012 about it. every time they lose this fight. do they get skittish at all or try to go to health care yet again? >> i think sometimes you just let it flow. this is not working right now. they don't need to churn this. the media is doing a good job. they have unchurned it. took the message off this
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roll-out and put it on themselves. they have a lot of makeup work. >> what happens when the website works? >> then the question is how many -- >> then what's the republican message? >> willen to mitch mcconned, nothing to be learned from the second kick of the mule. i think eventually this thing is going to get fixed, and i think the republicans will have to find something else to run on. >> the one thing about the mitch mcconned primary challenge and what's going on with the antiestablishment wing of the wing, tea party wing, whatever we want to call it, one thing to bob bennett in your cross hairs. this is the lead are of the senate republicans they're going after. this would be as if moveon tom daschle, nancy pelosi or harry leigh back in the day, when they were upset with daschle. they could have done that, because he supported the iraq war or too supportive of the president of the that didn't
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happen. this is that kind of -- mcconnell seems to be dealing with this more defiantly than others. is he doing the right thing? ivities he's got no choice. he has a general election problems. >> it seems he thinks he only -- he's going about it, you know, the right can do whatever they want. >> the general election problem is far more serious if you look at the polls, and he's got to go after this. this does caught a rift in the party. >> mcconned is a tough, tough campaigner. >> if youere running the democrat senatorial committee, they have played games before, would you play a game in this one? >> that was done in nevada, as you know. >> it was do in missouri and it worked. >> i would be very careful about it. if i did it, i would never talk about it. >> you have to throw up tom's unbelievable editorial from two right-leaning newspapers richmond times dispatch not endorsing, i think only the
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second time in 40 years, but really a repew date and charlottesville, writing in, is the nail in the coffin for cuccinelli. >> there's always two, but he's had a spate of bad luck, with the -- >> this is the establishment speaking. when the publisher -- that's the establishment -- >> this is turning interest a referendum on cucinelli. >> regardless of whether you like mcauliffe or not, he's run a masterful campaign. >> why is christie doing so well in a blue state, and in virginia doing so poorly. >> about how they went about the nominating process. >> i rest my case. >> it would be a close race. all right. martin frost, tom days, martin and lewis, thank you both. including our daily data bank of the numbers you should know. cory booker stays up late to
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unite same-sex couples. plus more in the deep divide in the republican party. you can learn pretty much everything you need to thole about the gop civil war about watching the bluegrass battle. bus first a look ahead, the big story, of course, is the president talking health care today. ted cruz is back in texas. and we shall see what happens. today's daily briefing. [ male announcer ] when you have sinus pressure and pain, you feel...squeezed. congested. beat down. crushed. as if the weight of the world is resting on your face. but sudafed gives you maximum strength sinus pressure and pain relief. so you feel free. liberated. released. decongested. open for business. [ inhales, exhales ]
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back now, today's daily
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rundown data bank. some of you don't like pronouncing it data. just a few numbers to take with you to work or school. first at 9:00, that's how many weddings mayor booker presided over starting at midnight as new jersey became the 14th state to legalize gj gj. gay marriage. he called it one of the most magical moments of his existence. 32%, that's how much of the vote state senator kneale scored in -- why am i putting this number up? it's a primary to replace rodney alexander who resigned to go work for bobby jindal. he will face off against mcallister in the runoff. mcallister had help with one of the "duck dynasty" guys before the primary. three, the number of days he
9:21 am
will campaign supporting terry mcauliffe. with just two weeks to go. next up, minus 15 degrees, the temperature at the north pole on sunday, when the olympic torch arrived. and it keps burning. for the first time in history on its way to next year's winter games in sochi, russia, this picture shows you the torch on its way to the pole last week. finally, i give you the number 7. no, it's not the name for your next child. that's the bcs ranks for my miami hurricanes after they came from behind to beat the tar heels on thursday. clearly no respect in the rankings, the lowest ranks of any legitimate undefeated team. no offense, texas tech. that's all right, we're the rodney dangerfield for now. see you in two weeks. coming up, the former secretary of state is back on
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the trail. she's not the only one getting a running start. ted cruz heads bake to iowa this week. first today's trivia question -- name the most recent health and human services secretary who was not a governor. first person to tweet the answer will get the on-air shoutout. more coming up on "the daily rundown." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i ♪ know i can't deny... ♪ that i got a new feeling ♪ deep inside... ♪ [ female announcer ] with five perfectly sweetened whole grains... you can't help but see the good.
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with healthy bacteria 24/7. because your insides set the tone. stay in the groove with align. ♪ [ male announcer ] laura's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today her doctor has her on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack, be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. now for a bit more of my first read this monday morning. after spending five years away from the campaign trail, we saw something we haven't seen in a long time, hillary clinton returning to the stump. she did so on saturday. she appeared at this campaign rally in falls church, virginia to support her longtime friend terry mcauliffe. he leads by about seven points. this weekend she seemed relaxed. she smiled a lot when the crowd shouted she should run for
9:26 am
president again. >> i've been in a lot of elections. [ cheers and applause ] >> and i know -- i know that at the end of the day, it all comes down to who takes the trouble to show up and vote. >> clinton also took the opportunity to zing conservatives in congress. if -- >> hit the wrong piece of tape there. sorry about that. but she went after them and went after some of the ways that congress hasn't been working in washington these days, saying they're looking for leadership. ken cucinelli gave the official response to the president's address.
9:27 am
huckabee praised him for being the first of 27 attorneys general to challenge the affordable care act. if you're stumping with huckabee this late in the game, it means you're worried about the swing votes. another republican made some campaign-style tops this weekend, with an eye on 2016. senator ted cruz appeared on plenty of talk shows over the weekend, but still defending his role. he spoke it el federation of republican women state convention and he criticized his fellow republican senators. >> if senate republicans had simply said we're going to stand together, united with house republicans and the american people, and we're going to stand against the train wreck that is obama care. >> the senate republicans should have come in like the cavalry to support them. instead they came look the
9:28 am
affair and began bombing the house republicans our own troops. >> there it is, ted cruz almost issuing a call for the republicans to challenge some. bubble back up, the question is how ugly will it get? the monday gaggle. jonathan is president -- with the karl rove there group, founded group. that trying to help establishment republicans. center for america progress president, and dan. jonathan, i want to start with you. whatever that means they days. respond to ted chris, guys that you have helped try to elect were like the air force bombing their own house republican -- >> really it's hyperbole? >> at one point or another has opposed obama care.
9:29 am
i think the problem is we missed an opportunity to delay obama care. >> he said nobody ever briefed him. he said ted chris -- >> too focused on one specific tactic. >> when you look at what is clearly a republican -- is it a civil war. the division really seems to be stylistic. >> you know, i think it's both. i mean shutting down the government is a disagreement. i think it might be an understatement. >> it's a means that's a game-changing event. i think you're seeing it in elections. he moved up after this. so i think -- i also think that the big test will be immigration, whether it's a
9:30 am
substantive division or not. obviously a lot of i think that will be a test of whether it's a tactical decision or a big shift. i believe there's a big ideological war in the republican party. >> i guess that is the question -- it philosophical or is it stylistic jonathan raush did a great piece about the idea of compromise is actually an originalist idea. the tea party wing of the republican party says go back to what the framers wanted. madison wanted compromise, incremental. that's how you move the country, incrementally. >> i don't think peel are reading the federalist papers right now. >> you don't think so -- >> but if they did -- i want i think they're listening to other voices at this point and reading other things. i think there's both ideological difference. i think this government shutdown was largely as issue of tactics.
9:31 am
the republican party is pretty united on the issue of affordable care act, we know that, but the consequence of shutting down the government has been, you know, has been terrible for the republican party on this. they're going to have to pay the price on that. on immigration, there are differences there they're going to have to hash out. >> immigration seems deader today in the house than before the shut join, if that's possible i want i think it depends on how you look at your fate going forward. >> it would by a way to moderate the brand. how many house republicans think that way is a big question, but leadership in the party. >> it would also expos more of the -- >> the ideological thing i think is overstated. this isn't 1998 where you have to wore john chafee voting with the republicans, there's no ven diagram in the senate. >> i agree, this isn't that wide of a divide philosophically, yet
9:32 am
it seems more anger is there than 30 years ago. >> i think it's very stylistic, and i think it's a matter of incentives. sfwlz a saturation among the groups. half of the senate republicans, half of them running for reelection have semiserious or very serious primary opponents. probably the odds are at least two of them are going to lose. who knows which two, but it does seem as if there's so much energy right now. do you think they keep it up? and how do they fight back? it seems like the more they fight back, it already energizes the right. >> if it's a stylistic request el -- you're seeing that in kentucky, right? the conservative guy is that flying in the -- they know that
9:33 am
mcconnell is the biggest opponent of obama care, and obama is trying to create daylight where none exists, where the only daylight exists on a stylistic thing. >> mcconned is not lugar or bennett. >> no. >> he seems much tougher, almost daring the right to go after him. >> and alison grimes is ahead in the race. >> it seems that mcconnell knows the real problem is her. you think it is, too? >> i think that's right. >> we'll have more. much more on hillary clinton's return to the campaign trail on our website. plus a "daily rundown" exclusive, the republican ad, that's all on sign up to be part of our new online community, so you get this stuff sooner and. associated pretty and politico are both reporting that tim griffin in arkansas is not seeking reelection.
9:34 am
griffin represents centering arkansas, says he'll fin out his term. he was a 2010 guy. up next a deep dive into the growing disgust with the political system. surprise, surprise, the political middle is not a fan of what they see. find out what they think should be done to fix the problems. we'll be right back. ♪ don't disguise bad odors in your trash. neutralize them and freshen. with glad odorshield with febreze. even when we cross our t's and dot our i's, we still run into problems. that's why liberty mutual insurance offers accident forgiveness if you qualify, and new car replacement standard with our auto policies. so call liberty mutual today. and if you switch, you could save up to $423.
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today we're taking a deep dive back into our nbc news/esquire survey. it's about the vast center of america, a group of people desperately seeking political reform. to remind folks what we're talking about, when we talk about the political center here. as you know, here are eight groups. the purple groups, that's our political center, and that's who we're going to be telling you about on their feelings on political reform.
9:38 am
as you know, on the left, the blue, and you'll see these purple dots go up on our various things. let me tell you where they stand. let's advance or wonderful screen. lovely. there we go. politicians always disappointing, whether you agree or disagree. half of the political center agreed, just a quarter disagreed, another 25% neutral. not that surprising when you think about it. on the next one, we found that for the most part, the center is sick of the two-party system. they think it is broken. half agree with that. 49%, 30% disagree, 21% neutral. what do they want done with it? let's move on. some of the ideas they would like to see. as far as the idea of what politics will look like in the next few years, look how pessimistic they all are. no group finds themselves optimistic about politics in the next few years. no 5s, 6s or 7s.
9:39 am
the best you get is somewhere in the neutral. it tells you just how disappointed they are. so a couple of the reforms they are thinking about? we'll start with one us hear about. strongly agree. look at that. 6 one of the groups from left to right to middle. the whatever man doesn't seem to care. every other one of our group believes term limits is an answer, because the assumption is -- they don't know what they're doing. obviously when you look at how term limits have worked, that's a whole other story. but the idea of term limits, getting stronger over the years. another fix that they would like has to do with what government's role in society. they still want government to work. you still see that. more people want to see -- they believe government should do more, versus others who say government should do less. you see it's there, but they think right now the politicians are failing them. we want to dig into more.
9:40 am
the political pessimism is very widespread, particularly prevalent among those americans in the center of the country. so among those people, nearly all, 6 in 10, are political moderates on this front. the pessimists outnumbering the optimists. danny frankly, a principally at the -- pollster for, and robert blizzard, pollster for mitt romney's campaign and partner at public opinion strategies. danny, some of the results didn't surprise me, being for term limits as a potential thing, but disappointed in the two-party system. expressing their pessimism rather easily on that front. but they didn't seem to have a lot of other ideas. >> no, i think that the important distinction to make here is that while there is a lack of confidence in optimism in terms of politics, there is still a hope for government. this is the center that wants the government to make investments in the future. this is a center that wants to
9:41 am
see investments in clean energy, and in early childhood education. but when they look at the politics, they see a system that doesn't seem to share their values and practicing ma temple or sense of urgency. >> robert, that is what's interesting here. they have lost trust in the policy tection, but they want government to work. robert, working for republicans, half of whom -- they don't necessarily make the case that they want government to work, and that, i think, has got to be the challenge for conservatives and republicans in general. >> i think what you've got here, you look at the central specifically. extraordinarily negative about anybody. you look at the poll we did a couple weeks ago, with just 14% of the country that thinks the country is moves, it's negative across the board. when you have other issues in the republican party, and you have this kind of, you know, civil war, if you're fighting north versus south, it's tough to worry about francis or one of these other cunning coming in
9:42 am
and getting you. >> danny, this idea of smart government, right, it's something that bill clinton, al gore, they had reinventing government, that was their way of answering the big government charges from republican for years. that did win over swing voters for a while, but now you do see this shift, where swing voters want official government. maybe that is the challenge for president obama when it comes to health care. here he is trying to make government work. when they see this high-profile inefficiency, that leads to more disappointment. >> yeah, i think when it comes to health care, the affordable care act will be judged on how well it delivers affordable insurance and expanses the ranks of the uninsured. the website glitches are a short-term problem that is going to be fixed. ultimately you are going to see, i believe, people give credit to the government for delivering a better health care system on the metrics that really matter. even your screen earlier this morning sometimes malfunctions a bit. >> there you go.
9:43 am
fair enough. i'm i'm getting a lot of that on twitter this morning, when sometimes technology freezes up. but the one thing we didn't find among this group was some sort of they're ready to go support a third party. pointing -- they weren't all ready necessarily to say i want to support a third-party candidate irpts i think what's happening here, without a credible third party across the country, what you're having and you you'll see this in 2016, the right and left will be fighting over that persuadable middle, different things out there trying to hold them in a tug of war to their side. >> but there is a vacuum out there. i mean, in many ways, danny, that somebody is going to fill. there does seems to be a growing angry middle. >> um-hmm. i think that there are representatives who try to capture that anger. i think when it gets down to the
9:44 am
presidential election, that -- those angry candidates have a way of falling off. the parties generally sometimes one party better than eat finds a way of captures voters' aspirations and really capitalizing on their hopes. i think anger doesn't play very well over the long run, and i think that the parties will move to find a way to build tear bases and incorporate more of the center. >> robert, what's interesting is political reform is never good politics. arnold schwarzenegger essentially spend his entire governship pushing for political reforms. it was never very popular. he got them, it may in the long run serve to be -- but this is never good politics. >> not good politics, because you're talking about process. people are worried about their own issues. when you're talking about process, most americans just aren't paying attention to that. >> even though they're screaming
9:45 am
for political reform, yet they don't want it to be -- they're not necessarily going to reward politics who campaign on it. robert blizzard, danny franklin, the brains behind our survey. thank you very much. a little more breaking news. we have just learned that governor chris yiie's administration is withdrawing an 'peal. the court began allowing same-sex. the gompor says he doesn't support same-sex marriages, but will support the law. the soup of the today is tomato basil, and tip -- tissue chili is completely off the menu. they have run out of turkey to make the chili. we'll be right back. st her way. st her way. but your erectile dysfunction - that could be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready. and the same cialis is the only daily ed tablet approved
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as i previewed for you before, we got a half dozen incumbent republican senators, half of the members running for re-election in the republican conference in 2014 facing serious or semi serious primary challenges. so it might be easy to overlook how significant it is for these conservative groups to be going after the man in charge of the senate republicans, mitch mcconnell, and it's also a preview of what 2016 perhaps might look like, particularly on the republican side. so let's bring back the gaggle.
9:53 am
dan, we've got ted cruz going to iowa at the end of the week. i think this is his third trip to iowa, which is astounding. >> what year is this? >> forget what year it is. how long has he been in elective office? >> that's a very good point. >> that's what is surprising here. and i've talked to some republicans who said if the caucuses were today, he might be the runaway favorite the way the iowa caucus republican electorate is. >> he might be if it were held today, but it's not going to be held today. we've seen marco rubio as the odds-on favorite to win the nomination and now everybody dismisses him. we've seen rand paul have more than 15 minutes and now it's ted cruz. just a reminder of how short the attention spans of people are, even people who are closely watching politics. and how unsettled the republican field is. >> and you look at your side of the aisle and the democratic field. nobody is really talking about -- the assumption is if
9:54 am
hillary clinton runs, she'll have a semi serious primary challenger. nobody is going to let her go completely unchallenged on the left. but what does it look like? who decides to try to do this? is it totally a personal publicity stunt for the person who does it? we're not seeing any type of or any sort of true base anxiety about hillary clinton. >> yeah. i think in 2007 and 2008 the democratic primary was not really fought on large-scale issues. there were some issue skirmishes. >> but stylistic. stuff we were just talking about with the republicans. many in ways stylistic. confrontation versus go along, get along. >> if there is a primary, which i don't know if there will be, if there is a primary, there will be some conflicts. i just think that the ideological issues within the democratic party are much less than the republican party. the party has been united in part -- >> because of the republicans. >> because of the tea party. because of the extremism. moderates and liberals agree on a whole host of things. >> bernie sanders and mark pryor
9:55 am
are saying on the same page. >> and they vote relatively close together except mark pryor is much more conservative than bernie sanders and they are so different. and that's so different. >> somebody is doing it -- >> they are so different. >> jonathan was taking notes here. how to use this in a tv ad on bernie sanders. john thnatha jonathan, do you buy into the thought that there's going to be two primaries. the tea party primary, the establishment primary and those two face off in the months of march and april? >> somebody is going to fight for that space, definitely. what's going to happen -- >> two fights for two spaces. >> exactly. but what's interesting is because there's no -- every year in the republican primary, we know who the establishment is. we don't have that this time so you're going to have a lot of space. it's going to be robust. i think you could see some governors we're not even thinking about come in and fill that space. >> i'd put my money on scott
9:56 am
walker before some of these other guys, christie, jeb or rand paul. shameless plugs. >> my 1-year-old started walking. pretty soon she'll be doing her taxes. >> wow, you are having her participate in the process. you're not totally anti-government. >> cap is the center for american progress is celebrating its tenth anniversary and thursday night we have hillary clinton speaking at our gala. >> the hillary clinton? >> hillary clinton. and we have a conference that day with jerry brown, martin o'malley, rahm emanuel: there's a few hours in between. >> i'd like to see them on stage together. >> i want to plug the washington post's gov beat which is a relatively new web operation looking at things going on in the states. everybody says it's time to look at the states. we're doing it. >> that's it for this edition of "the daily rundown." tomorrow on the show it's jobs day. we'll get the delayed september unemployment report tomorrow. coming up next, chris jansing. bye-bye.
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